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This Privacy Policy governs the manner in which “Exams Academy Dot Com” collects, uses, maintains and discloses information collected from users (each, a "User") of the website ("Site"). This privacy policy applies to the Site and all services offered by our website Exams Academy Dot Com and its registered users.
Exams Academy is an educational entity which specializes in trainings, examinations, tests and certifications. The company offers services in two distinct domains related to examinations, test and certifications, offline (physical) services and online services. In physical services, available only in Pakistan, we conduct educational audits of schools, colleges, universities and coaching / tuition centers and other specialized educational setups, provide staff to conduct tests & examinations and invigilation. In some cases, we take over the entire examination department of our client institute so that do they don’t have to maintain a whole department throughout an entire academic cycle. We can design tests and examinations, conduct invigilation, prepare results, identify weak areas of students (and in some cases those of teachers) through most modern statistical analysis tools (such as SPSS), perform risks analysis using TRIMS (Technical Risks Management System) and suggest ways and means to improve upon identified weak areas.
Scope of this document is limited to questions and documents that are either already available on our website (Exams Academy Dot Com) or they are developed by domain experts as per specific requirements of our clients.
Questions submitted are required to be relevant to the topic that is being tested. Irrelevant and out of focus questions without any direction or topic will not be published on Exams Academy. In addition to relevance, academic level of questions also needs to be kept in mind. This means, if a certain exam intends testing knowledge of candidates in the subject of “Physics” of intermediate level then the questions have to be developed keeping in mind the core knowledge of Physics at that particular academic level.
Choice of words is very important aspect of the testing process. On one hand the words used to phrase a question have to simple but on the other hand the words have to directional and focused. In the efforts of keeping the words to be directional and focused the examiner is advised to be very careful in “choice of words”. The examiner will have to keep a balance between complexity and simplicity of words to phrase a question. This is very important because the basic purpose of our website is to grade examinees (candidates) as per their level of knowledge in a particular subject, topic or knowledge area. In fact, Exams Academy is the only online testing service that identifies weak, medium and strong subjects, topics or knowledge areas of the examinees.
All of our contributors of questions and documents are subject (domain) specialists and experts. A vast majority of our contributors are professional teachers and academicians. Most of them are holders of PhD degrees in their respective domains from well-known local and international universities. Quite a few of them are employed by top-notch professional organizations such as SUPARCO, PTCL, PTV, TELENOR and other setups. Each one of these professionals is personally interviewed by our QA representative. We are also employing “top scorers” of various competitive examinations such as TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, GMAT, SAT, BCAT, ECAT, MCAT, CSS etc selected from all over Pakistan. These top scorers are generally employed by various coaching centers to prepare other students for these tests and examinations and they choose to work with us on “task-to-task” basis. Their scores are a proof of their competence in a particular test or exam. Both the professionals and top scorers work with us in their private capacity without any interference or negligence to their official posts and assignments.
Exams Academy does not support plagiarism at any stage of the testing process. In fact we are regular users of online plagiarism checkers both free and paid ones. All our questions (making-up various examinations) and documents (available for downloads) are ensured to be free of plagiarism. Research works of every contributor is duly acknowledged. Each one of our contributors signs an MoU with us to provide us questions and documents that are 100% genuine research work and that the work is not copied from any book, magazine, website or blog.
As per our policy, we do not upload any questions or documents that are politically or religiously offending to any sector of society. We also do not deal with pornographic or other obscene material of any nature.
This is a very unique feature of our questions and examinations available and developed by Exams Academy. Levels of difficulty is maintained by our QA representative. Levels of difficulty of are derivatives of subject and academic level. In English language, for example, these will be the categories of questions:

Easy questions: Simple nouns and first form of verbs will make easy questions.
Moderately difficult questions: Sentences with present tense or present continuous tense will make sentences of moderate difficulty.
Difficult questions: Questions involving active & passive voice, direct & indirect speech and sentences with past participle form of verbs will make difficult questions.

In Physics, for example these will be the categories:

Easy questions: Questions pertaining to molecular arrangements, levels of energy, conductors, semi-conductors and insulators and introduction to direct current will be easy questions.
Moderately difficult questions: Introduction to electrostatics and magnetism, Newton’s laws, alternate current, transformers, principles of generators and motors will make questions of medium difficulty.
Difficult questions: Questions involving circular & rotational motions, gravitation, oscillations, wave motion, wave theory of light and kinetic theory of gases & radiations will be difficult questions. Also addition of mathematical calculations of various natures will make physics questions to be difficult.
Exams Academy is a quality conscious company. It is being managed by highly qualified and accomplished professionals. We are striving to provide quality (offline and online) service to our clients.

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