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Welcome to Exams Academy, your premier destination for honing your skills and preparing for a diverse range of exams across multiple domains. As of today we have 73414 questions in our fullscale (paid) exams disptributed in 255 exams, 9459 questions offered FREE in 258 FREE exams, 3853 questions in short quizzes disptributed along 111 quizzes and 10655 questions in our mockup exams disptributed in 45 mockups. In addition, we have so far developed 12190 questions in 123 customized exams in multiple languages such as English, Arabic and French for customers from all around the globe. With this enormous experience, Exams Academy empowers learners like you to achieve excellence in fields ranging from English and Management to Engineering, Psychology, Medical Sciences, Military studies, and much more.

Please note that: We keep on adding, editing and (sometimes) deleting questions and exams on almost daily basis. Statistics given in above paragraph are as of today, come back tomorrow and you may see a different one.

Our platform's intuitive interface makes navigation seamless and enjoyable. You can easily browse through exams, select your desired practice materials, and even track your progress. Whether you're studying on a computer, tablet, or smartphone, Exams Academy adapts to your device, providing a consistent experience across platforms.

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Results Of Free Exams: Exams Academy ensures a user-friendly experience, enabling you to review your answers, analyze the time spent on each question, and receive immediate feedback. Once the results are displayed, you have the options to: Review Your Answers and Correct Your Mistakes, Print a PDF Certificate of your results to put it in your CV or personal records, share your results on Social Media platforms - Or - Close the results page. The result summary not only presents your performance but also provides an overall verdict – whether you've achieved a "pass" or "fail" based on a predefined passing percentage. Furthermore, the platform goes beyond the assessment by allowing you to print a personalized certificate of your achievement. Sharing your results with mentors, colleagues, or prospective employers has never been easier, as the test supports sharing across more than 50 social media apps.

Results Of Paid: The result summary of Full-Scale (paid) exams not only presents your performance but also provides a subject-wise statistics of the answers that you provided. All the percentages that you acquired are now graded in to "Normal, Strong and Weak Areas". Strong areas are the topics where you excelled and weak areas are the topics where you need more practice. Rsults of paid exams also provide an overall verdict – whether you've achieved a "pass" or "fail" based on a predefined passing percentage. Furthermore, the platform goes beyond the assessment by allowing you to print a personalized certificate of your achievement. Sharing your results with mentors, colleagues, or prospective employers has never been easier, as the test supports sharing across more than 50 social media apps.

At Exams Academy, we understand that successful exam preparation requires access to a wide variety of practice materials. That's why our platform is home to a vast repository of meticulously crafted practice questions, meticulously designed to mirror the complexity and diversity of the actual exams. Whether you're a student aiming for academic success or a professional seeking to enhance your career prospects, our platform offers tailored practice content that suits your needs. As of today, we have EBooks, MCQs, Guidelines (Notes) for Professionals, Tutorials, Lectures, Chapters, Notes, Templates, Syllabi, Student Guides, Schaum Outline Series Books, Articles, Research Works, Essays, Pieces of Literature, Writeups, Thesis, Handbooks, Interview Questions, Course Work, Books, White Papers, Teacher Guides, Compendiums, Procedures, Standards, Lessons, Policies, Questions and Answers (Q and A), Videos, Audios, Seminar Reports, Survey Reports, Regulations, Sample Papers and Workshops Reports.

These practice materials cover a wide variety of subjects such as:

Computer Sciences
Electrical Engineering
Signals and Systems
Military Technology, History and Strategy
Religious Subjects
Web Technologies
Database Management Systems
Electronics Engineering
Project and Risks Management
Navy Electrical and Electronics Training Series
Mechanical Engineering
Biology (Including Botany and Zoology)
Digital Marketing
Physics (Including Quantum Physics)
Probability and Statistics
English Language and Literature
Wireless Communications
Facility Management
Medical Subjects
Network and Cyber Security
Business Studies
Engineering and Technology
QA QC Knowledge and Exams
Data Communications and Networking
Environmental Sciences
Morality and Ethics
Computer Engineering
Library Science
Software Engineering
Exam Prep for Comptia Exams
Data Sciences
Urdu Language and Literature
Crypto Currencies
Telecommunication Engineering
Exam Prep for SAT (General and Subject)
Exam Prep for GMAT (General and Subject)
Education and Pedagogy
Management Sciences
Exam Prep for Citrix Certifications
Cellular Technology
Psychology and Psychometric Testing
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Social Media and Their Utilizations
AI and Machine Learning
Exam Prep for CISCO Exams
Sindhi Language and Literature
Exam Prep for Microsoft Certifications
Exam Prep for GATE
Exam Prep for English (IELTS, TOEFL etc)
Research Methods and Technologies
Exam Prep for 3Com Exams
System Administration and Management

Our platform stands out with its remarkable range of competency areas. From mastering the nuances of the English language to acing complex engineering problems, managing financial complexities, understanding psychological theories, navigating the intricacies of medical science, or even delving into the world of military studies, Exams Academy has it all. With our ever-expanding and unique collection of exams, you can embark on a journey to achieve excellence in your chosen domain. As of today, we have full-scale exams, short quizzes and mockups from these diversified domains:

Academic Subjects Tests
Professional Tests (Other than medical)
Exams Academy Certification
Exams and Quizzes of General Nature
Psychometric Tests
Medical Professional Tests
Military Technology and Military History Tests
English Competency Tests
Accounting and Auditing Tests
Entry Tests
Islamic Subjects Tests
Competitive Exams

Exams Academy not only provides unmatched diversity in its paid content but also believes in equitable access to quality education. To ensure that learners from all walks of life can benefit, we offer 9459 questions contained in 258 FREE exams. These free practice materials enable you to gauge your understanding and progress without any financial burden. We are committed to empowering every learner on their path to success.

In offline services, we conduct educational audits of schools, colleges, universities and coaching / tuition centers, identify weak areas of students (and in some cases those of teachers) through most modern statistical analysis tools (such as SPSS), perform risks analysis (using TRIMS) and suggest ways and means to improve upon identified weak areas. We also take-on corporate training assignments only for some selected domains (to be quality compliant).

We have the required resources and experience to:

a. Conduct educational audit of your school, college or university.

b. Identify high-risk areas in your academic system and suggest mitigation actions.

c. Takeover your entire examinations department. You don’t have to maintain an examination department – We provide you examinations staff when ever required (at least 72 hours advance intimation is required).

d. Provide invigilators.

e. Arrange professionals to make external question papers for weekly, monthly, mid-term or annual examinations for over 500 different projects from over 50 domains and specialties.

f. Make surprise tests (based on a syllabus) and take external exams of your students.

g. Identify weak areas of your students and teachers through surveys, questionnaires and personal interviews.

h. Provide you teaching staff for short term durations.

i. Print stationary for your examination department.

j. Reproduce question papers (with 100% confidentiality).

Our online services includes conduct of mockup examinations and tests (in as realistic environment as possible) for a variety of English proficiency tests such as (TOEFL, IELTS, CAE), Aptitude tests (such as GRE, SATs, GMAT, ACT), Entry tests (such as HAAD, MCAT, ECAT, BCAT etc) and Professional tests (such as PMP, RMP, PFMP, PGMP, ACCA, PRINCE, CCNA, CITRIX, APM, CPD and PPM etc). We also have a facility to develop customized tests and examinations of any subject at any academic or professional level. As such we have more than 500 (foreign and locally qualified) teachers, professors, assistant professors, teachers, domain experts, retired military officers, educationists and officials who can design and implement any test in any field of arts, science and technology, including specialized subjects such as bio-medical technology or military technology.

Our commitment to comprehensive exam preparation goes beyond just practice questions. Exams Academy offers a plethora of free exam preparation materials to aid your journey.

We have a document repository where students, teachers and professionals can download books, Ebooks, essays, articles and other documents to prepare for tests, examinations and certifications. Some of the documents would help you to prepare yourself for a particular test, examination or certification and others could be for your day-to-day (or special) academic or intellectual needs. If you do not find the document you were looking for on our website, we can make a customized document for you. You can order either a hard or a soft copy of the required document. You can ask us to create notes to pass a particular test / examination, a presentation, article, term paper, book review, thesis, essay, paragraph, project report or contents for a website. You can chose length (volume) of the document in terms of pages or in terms of words. Documents can be delivered following any writing style and covering any subject, topic or knowledge area. You can provide us an outline or requirement document as well and we take full responsibility of the security and safe custody of the documents or any other information that you may provide us in this regard. You can fix a deadline for the delivery of the document and we will make sure that the deadlines are followed.

As of today, we have following types of documents in our repository to help candidates to pass their dream exams with flying colors:

Guidelines (Notes) for Professionals
Course Work Books
White Paper
Questions and Answers
Seminar Report

Preparation is key, and our blog knits a tapestry of resources to aid your journey. We provide comprehensive suggestions for tackling exams across academic, management, medical, engineering, accounting, and auditing domains. From detailed study plans to expert-recommended resources, our guides are designed to lead you to success.

Exams come with their fair share of stress, doubt, and sleepless nights. We're well aware of the toll that exam pressure can take on students and professionals alike. That's why our blog is laden with posts that offer guidance on coping with exam stress. From mindfulness techniques to time management strategies, we've got you covered. Moreover, we understand that not all exams are created equal – some are easy, others are medium, and some might be labeled "hard to pass." Our tips and tricks span the entire spectrum, ensuring that no matter the level of challenge, you'll find the support you need.

Beyond the realm of exams, our blog transcends into a haven of knowledge, exploring the latest insights and trends in contemporary and future technologies. We believe that holistic preparation extends beyond textbooks and exam syllabi. Hence, our posts delve into the realms of AI, blockchain, renewable energy, virtual reality, and more, enabling you to grasp the bigger picture and excel in an interconnected world.


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